Bonus Kegel Exercises

KBall Exercises


Sit down on a chair and insert K-BALLS into your vagina. Close your leg after the balls are comfortably in place. Use your vaginal muscles to move the balls back and forth inside your vagina. Difficulty level: easy


Stand up and spread your feet shoulder width apart. Insert K-BALLS and hold them inside your vagina as long as you can. Difficulty level: moderate


While squatting spread your feet as far apart as is comfortable. Without using any other muscles (ie. stomach and legs), use your vaginal muscles to hold and/or move K-BALLS inside your vagina. Do not let the K-BALLS slip out. Difficulty level: challenging

Tip: Slowly increase length of use. Start with 10 minutes and increase by 10 minute increments. Use daily. Do not wear while sleeping or for extended periods of time.



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